What is a Committee?

A committee is a group of Volunteers who are connected to the setting.

As part of a Committee you would support the Manager and the team in running the Setting.

As a setting we are required to have an active Committee in order to stay open with a minimum of 6 members.

What would be expected of a Committee Member?

Within a Committee there are 3 main roles

– A chair Person who would lead the group and work closely with the manager

– A Treasurer who would support the financial side of the setting

– A Secretary who takes and records the minutes of the meetings

All other members would support as a group. We like to have enough members so that we are able to have vice positions.

What do we do?

This can be a range of duties from deciding pay increases to planning events. The Committee support with policies, procedures, employment, safety and the staff welfare.

Fundraising is another vital part of the committee as we are a charity and this is a crucial part of our business.

When do we meet?

Usually we would meet in an evening at the setting every 6-8weeks (usually in person) which is a perfect opportunity for a catch with others as well as discussing the setting. We communicate through emails in between.

What would I need to do if I was interested in Joining?

Just let a member of staff know that you are interested. We would hold an AGM usually around October time each year but are always happy to take on new members.

You will be required to complete a DBS for Safeguarding reasons and be known to Ofsted. We would support in getting these done.