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Sunny Weather

It is so lovely to see that we have some sunny weather lately and as you can all imagine this does mean that the children prefer outside play. We are making the use of all shaded areas but we do ask that on Sunny Days could your child have an application of sun cream before arrival and equally please do bring along their sun cream so that we are able to administer.

We also ask that each child has a sunhat (named) and long sleeved tops as shoulders tend to catch the sun quite quickly.

Growing and Learning

The Children have been incredibly busy this spring planting and growing their produce. We even have some red sunflowers growing, fingers crossed that these all survive.

We have purchased some lovely new watering cans and the children are taking great pride in watering their plants.

Butterflies and Silk Worms

We have our own caterpillars and Silk worm eggs. We are watching them grow and learning all about their Lifecycles