Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch

At Sunny Days we pride ourselves on offering the children healthy, nutritional and well portioned snacks and meals.

The staff at Sunny Days have followed the Nippers Nutrition program (for which we were graded a level 5 – The highest grading) and are now completing the Healthy Under 5’s Program

With our training we have managed to appoint a staff member as a lead practitioner for the Healthy Eating programs, whose job it is to communicate with lead professionals and ensure that the setting remains on track with our menus and meal options.

We have a menu in place which changes week by week which has been designed to ensure that all children gain a well balanced and portioned meal. The children take part in cooking and growing during their sessions at the setting and are given the opportunity to select healthy options and to assist in preparation of their meals.

We offer milk and water during the day and children are encouraged to self serve wherever possible.

As we are a charity we provide lunch at the cost of £1.50 per lunch