At Sunny Days Nursery we bill for the booked sessions at the start of the Month and request that bills are paid in full by the 26th of each month.

We are open between 8am and 6pm but sessions are booked prior to starting and set in place to allow continuity.

Our prices are as follows:

0-1 Years £4.75

1-3years £4.50

3+ Years £4.30

At present due to the circumstance with Covid Sunny Days are providing the children with lunches. These are billed at £1.50 per lunch and consist of a well balanced healthy meal such as jacket potato, beans and cheese or Pasta, tuna, sweetcorn and peas. Each meal is served with a selection of fruit and veg and the children are offered a pudding such as a yoghurt, jelly or custard.

We have a menu in place which changes week by week so the children are offered a variety of meals at the setting and an alternative can always be provided.