Children start to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born. At sunny Days we use the Early Years Foundation Framework (2012)(EYFS) to ensure that we support and extend children’s development whilst keeping them secure and safe.

We understand that children need to have time to play and explore their world, both inside and outside. We plan activities to engage and motivate them, activities which provide opportunities for creativity and critical thinking. We also respond to children’s sudden interests and what they have been doing at home.

Children are encouraged to rest and sleep when they need it, keeping with home routines as much as possible. We have a dedicated sleep room with four full sized cots, plus a number of sleep mats.


The children will go on outings to the local park and around the local area with an
adult:child ratio of 1:2/3. There will also be opportunities for you to join in outings
further a field, when children will need to be accompanied.

As a Pre-School/nursery we feel that children learn a lot from group outings. Recent
trips have included a visit to Gyllingvase Beach and a walk to Carharrack Park.

We now have high visibility jackets that allow us to walk more safely around St Day and
Carharrack. We need an adult:child ratio of 1:2 on these outings but love it when we
get more adults as it is a social time for everyone.