Children start to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born. At sunny Days we use the Early Years Foundation Framework (2012)(EYFS) to ensure that we support and extend children’s development whilst keeping them secure and safe.

We understand that children need to have time to play and explore their world, both inside and outside. We plan activities to engage and motivate them, activities which provide opportunities for creativity and critical thinking. We also respond to children’s sudden interests and what they have been doing at home.

Children are encouraged to rest and sleep when they need it, keeping with home routines as much as possible. We have a dedicated sleep room with four full sized cots, plus a number of sleep mats.


The children will go on outings to the local park and around the local area. There will also be opportunities for you to join in outings
further a field, when children will need to be accompanied.

As a Pre-School/nursery we feel that children learn a lot from group outings. 

We have high visibility jackets, complete with our logo that allow us to walk more safely around St Day and
Carharrack. We pride ourselves on teaching the children road safety and to discuss the area in which we live.

What’s on offer outside for our Children

We are situated on the grounds of st day School and although we are independent from the school, we like to work alongside the school so we are able to make use of the field, quiet garden and even the School playground during holidays.
We have our own wonderful inviting playground which is covered in a soft surface which is softer and spongiform than tarmac, it has a road design through it which the children make full use of with a range of cars and bikes.

We raised funds with the help of the community and our committee to pay for a Large purpose built Shelter to aid in wet weather and to offer shade during the summer.

A mud kitchen complete with access to a wide range of tools, equipment and of course MUD!

Our large sandpit proves very popular with all ages especially when water is also involved.

We have ‘willow walk’ Which leads to ‘Sunny Corner’ the children have got loads of plants growing around willow walk and in sunny Corner we have an apple tree and a pear tree along with our veg plot.

Sunny Corner

We have recently re done Our Sunny Corner are where we have created a fantasy small world area which is complete with small world fairies etc. We have a soil pit area which has wonderful giant shells and pebbles which can be used with a wide range of diggers and trucks

Willow walk which leads around to sunny corner, we have sunflowers, beans and strawberries growing Around here 🍓🌻

Hello there 👋

Our Mythical small world area.

Soil area – Children like to add diggers and trucks to this area. We have a large chalkboard for mark making and shells and pebbles for transporting.

Our Shelter

We have a purpose built shelter for our outside space. This helps shade us a bit during the summer and shelter us when needed during the winter.

Plenty of Choice

We have a wide range of outdoor equipment including a climbing frame with slide, custom road, tower, sandpit, mud kitchen and playhouse.

The children also have access to cars, bikes, balancing equipment and many other toys.

We like to get the children out and about in the community so you may often spot us walking along in a group with our bright high visibility jackets on. The children are able to discuss the community whilst out on walks and its suprising how much learning can take part.

The children will often help out with a trip to the local shop or to the post office.

We make use of the local park and have even walked out to Carharrack park.

Feast Day

Feast Day is a community Celebration which is held on the 10th Monday following Easter Monday each year.

This is a wonderful event where the Nursery and the School accompanied by the band will parade through the village and finish in St Day Playing field where they will complete their Feast Dance.

Sunny Days Nursery closes on Feast day in order to take part with the children that are in the pre school.

Once completed the children are collected and are able to continue the wonderful day of festivities with their families.

There are also Dances that take place during the evening for children and adults and other planned events throughout Feast Week.

All Children in attendance at the setting are entitled to their Feast bun and drink.

Feast Day for 2021 Has been Cancelled

Feast Day 2022 will be on the 27th June