At Sunny Days we follow the EYFS curriculum

This is made up of 6 areas of learning which we use to guide our planning and assessment of the children at the setting. Within each area of learning there are finer aspects of learning.

These areas are as follows:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

This is where children would learn who they are and where they fit in as they begin to form bonds with special people and make friends. Their confidence begins to grow and they are met with challenges when leaning how to handle and understand emotions. Learning to share and accept others feelings.

  • Making Relationships (MR)
  • Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness (SC&SA)
  • Managing Feelings and Behaviour (MF&B)

Communication, Language and Literacy (CLL)

Children Will begin to speak and learn new words, we are able to monitor their speech and support their vocabulary. They learn boundaries and show their understanding of these. Following simple (and later complex) tasks. Enabling them with a voice to express their interests and needs.

  • Listening and Attention (L&A)
  • Understanding (U)
  • Speaking (S)

Physical Development (PD)

We monitor their fine motor skills as well as their gross motor skills. Fine Motor skills involves hands and fingers to form skills to hold a pencil for example, which will help the children with mark making and writing.

Gross motor skills such as balance, running and climbing.

Within Physical Development there is Health and Self Care where we are able to support children in gaining independence such as toileting, dressing themselves and understanding of what they body needs.

  • Moving and Handling (M&H)
  • Health and Self Care (H&SC)

Literacy (L)

This is where we support children with reading and writing. In the early stages reading may be from learning how to care for books and enjoying being read too and later to writing their own stories, making up stories and even reading themselves.

Writing can be expressed in so many ways for children with painting, pencils, chalks, within messy play or even through looking at the written form.

  • Reading (R)
  • Writing (W)

Mathematics (M)

Within Mathematics we are able to support with learning numbers, sequencing items. They are able to learn about quantities, measuring, time and recognise numerals.

  • Numbers (N)
  • Shape, Space and Measure (SSM)

Understanding the World (UW)

This is where the children are able to learn about the world around them. As we are situated in St Day a wonderful community led village we are keen to include the children in activities and events within the village.

  • People and Communities (P&C)
  • The World (TW)
  • Technology (T)

Expressing Arts and Design (EA&D)

They are able to express themselves and be imaginative, this could be in their play or within a creation that they are making. Children have a wonderful imagination and we enjoy developing this with them.

  • Exploring and Using Media and Materials (E&UMM)
  • Being Imaginative (BI)

Statutory Framework Document

Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (